Client Reviews

Yörsan Food Products Ind. and Commerce Inc.
Attorney at Law

I am pleased to know Bilen Patent, which is successful firm in it sector with its young, dynamic and experienced staff and its organization that focuses mainly on customer satisfaction.

Date : 18 07 2012 , Wednesday

Maysan Mando Dampers OEM
Sales and Marketing Chief

Considering the products manufactured and ideas developed within the scope of R&D activities conducted in our country, intellectual and industrial property rights are specifically important. As Maysan Mando, we are protecting all our national and international patent, utility model and brand registration process management through our business partner Bilen Patent. We would like to thank Bilen Patent for their rapid feedback, professional management and services they provide to us.

With our best regards

Date : 12 07 2012 , Thursday

SIO Automotive
R&D Director

Bilen Patent has a well-organized expert team that is considerably experienced in its field. As a natural consequence of this, we have been able to achieve a very efficient working environment with them and consider that the same is true with their other clients. In times when we had to focus on highly intensive projects, they have been able to comfort us and have teamed with them as a partner in all our registration procedures.

Date : 11 07 2012 , Wednesday

Bilal PEKER - Secretary General
İnegöl Furniture Industrialists Association

Since the first day we have started working with them, with their well disciplines and diligent team, Bilen Patent firm will not only contribute considerably to our association with their professional approach in consultancy services provided for our brand studies and state support for which we worked jointly, but also our town will benefit from this support. We realize that it has been a right choice to work a firm expert in it area such as Bilen Patent in such issues related to such major projects of a town.

We thank you, the Bilen Patent Family

Date : 10 07 2012 , Tuesday

Kenan KİBAR - General Manager of BPR Communication Consultancy
BPR Communication Consultancy

There is a magical word for those who would like to be advantageous in this world of ruthless competition: “Difference.” If your products and services are different from those of your competitors, you will be preferably selected and continue on your work. On the contrary, if there is no difference, the fall will be drastic. And making such “difference” will only be possible with great effort and an expert team, and the cost is very high.

And you can only trust a “different” team regarding industrial rights to protect your most important assets, your “differences”, in other words your brand, your design, your inventions and all R&D work. Bilen Patent, who knows the value of “difference” and struggles to protect the “different”, with their “different” approach does make you feel the “difference” in industrial rights. Knowing that with such a firm your “differences” are in safe hands makes it possible for you to continue moving towards the future.

Thank you Bilen Patent.

Date : 09 07 2012 , Monday

Arzum Household Electrical Appliances Ind. And Commerce Inc. A.Ş. Information and Loan Manager

We would like to thank to all those who work in Brand, Patent, Industrial Design and Legal Issues Department of BİLEN PATENT and considerably to Erdem KAYA and Ömer KOCAKUŞAK, who have supported us in all processes related to our Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights, who have worked diligently in a systematic way with a sense of full responsibility and with their fully experienced and qualified team enabled us to progress with no problem. We hope that our partnership continues for a long period in coming years.

Date : 08 06 2012 , Friday

Coşkunöz Machinery
R&D Manager

Working with Bilen Patent and its team has been a very efficient and pleasant process. They do not only help one to get through the technical writing process and legal aspects in protecting their Intellectual Rights and Patents, but also add value to the firms they work with and bring a different point of view to such issues. As they have stressed in their slogan “Bring on Your Inventions” they have always highlighted that R&D and innovation concepts are and must be a change in paradigms.

Thank you very much.

Date : 05 06 2012 , Tuesday

Mahmut Zafer Kızılkaya
Başak Roof Tiles and Bricks Commerce and Ind. Inc.

We congratulate Bilen Patent for their serious approach for their effective and timely services and care they give for customer satisfaction and wish great success in their professional life.

Date : 17 03 2011 , Thursday

Nur Akan
Durmazlar Holding, Inc.

As a leader company in metal processing machinery field with 50 years of experience, it is a must for us to monitor recent technological developments so as to form our R&D strategies beside protecting our inventions both in Turkey and worldwide. This is why we are in intensive cooperation with Bilen Patent for many years. Their experience and professional approach have always contributed to us. We are now very glad to see that Bilen Patent is the right consultant for us.

Hope to maintain our cooperation for many years.

Date : 01 01 2011 , Saturday

Gülseren Kunduracıoğlu
Simge Group

Our intellectual property is the most important capital in carrying our entities and our country to the future. Thus protecting this property is of great importance. As Simge Group we protect our brands, industrial design, registered utility models and patents on national and international areas

Preventing counterfeiting of our intellectual properties which we have gained with considerable effort and accumulated knowledge, or claiming our rights in case of counterfeiting with success could only be possible with full and complete definition and correct registration of such properties and rights.

The most important factor here is the company you partner with in the management of this process and the service provided by them.

We are very satisfied with our partnership and with the diligent work conducted by Bilen Patent and their international partners specifically in protecting our very comprehensive and complex patents.

Date : 01 01 2011 , Saturday

Soner Kaya
Akyapak Machinery Commerce and Ind. Inc.

I congratulate Bilen Patent, which is teamed up with dynamic people who are experts in their field and work for hundred percent customer satisfaction and hope that they will never slow down their pace.

Date : 01 01 2011 , Saturday

Namık Kemal Memiş
Butek Machinery Commerce and Ind. Inc.

Bilen Patent which works like an internal department of our firm and protects our rights is always with us with their rapid service and experience in their area.

It is a great advantage to have them as close as a telephone call.

Date : 01 01 2011 , Saturday

Dr. Ahmet Özkul
Head Physician of Bursa Hayat Hospital

In this age of branding and patenting, I would like to congratulate the staff of Bilen Patent for the successful support they have provided in their sector in today’s market conditions. I wish them success in the ethical and professional service they provide.

Date : 01 01 2011 , Saturday

Hasan Çepni
Bursa Chairman of the Association of Private Industrialists and Businessmen

I am pleased to know Bilen Patent which is a successful firm in its sector with its young and dynamic staff, ethical and effective approach in bringing solutions.

Date : 01 01 2011 , Saturday

Zeynep Özçelik
Oyak Renault Automotive Factories, Inc
Human Resources Specialist

In depth experience and professional apparoach of Bilen Patent played the key role to increase number of our patent applications and to protect our innovations efficiently.

Date : 27 04 2010 , Tuesday

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